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    Stick with N,N DMT because that seems more cooperative as you can inhale that a few times and go half way and come back if you choose. This 5-MeO seems like something else. Exhaust what you need from the N,N and have some of this around but it’s a once-per-year thing and don’t take many inhales the first time. Go very slow with it. The N,N DMT will give you the experience of dying. So you really must do that and graduate from that experience before trying out this stuff in my opinion. I’m still with the N,N at this stage but I have some of this for when I feel more advanced and adventurous. The point? If you are like me and feel the ego is your problem, DMT really seems to help you get really deep into where ego doesn’t want you to go. It is like purging yourself of dysfunctional thinking. I recently had a bad break up. Everything’s really okay. Something, inside, heals and there’s recognition of things once hidden. Love is all there is. Ego is like the dark clouds blocking us from seeing the blue sky of love’s eternal presence. Move ego out of the way!

    Deadhead Chemist 5-Meo-DMT(Cartridge) .5mLDeadhead Chemist 5-Meo-DMT(Cartridge) .5mL

  10. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Miraculous product. But with poor instructions. First, charge for 2-3 hrs. Five very quick taps of the power button to turn off/on. Three quick taps to toggle between the voltage settings. Modes are GREEN, BLUE, RED. Use blue, it will give you more vapor. THE KICKER! It states to hold the power button for two seconds. That is only for a pre-heat step. Before you inhale which requires you to hold the power button the whole time, you should hold the power button for 2 seconds to preheat the oil. Then press and hold when you slowly inhale. The mouth piece is a sensor that activates the coil when it detects you inhaling. But you have to inhale and hold the button at the same time. The N,N DMT will likely require 4-6 large inhales to render you unable to break yourself back out of the experience. Three good inhales should bring you to the point where you can choose to surrender to it or back away from it. Please understand what DMT is. The human brain produces it, naturally, when we experience natural death. Upon inhaling a few times you will be pulled straight away into the experience of dying. Even though your heart and breathing is totally unaffected and you can actually take note of this while under the influence of this substance if you didn’t take too much, it will seem to you as if you have been brought into some sort of pipe-like or tunnel-shaped space (sprawled out before you will be what seems like a massive geometric structure) and you will be able to hear a representation of your heartbeat, very loudly, all around you. It’s not your actual heartbeat as you can still detect that your actual heart is completely unaffected by this experience should you strain yourself to notice. Also, you will be seeming to breathe but it will be a likewise representation of breathing independent of your actual body’s breath which won’t be affected at all. The sound of your heartbeat will start to slow, and slow, and slow and so will your breathing slow. This is the experience of dying. It will seem wholly real to you. This is why many people have *ego transcending* experiences in the aftermath. It’s like accepting that you died and then having the momentous and astonishing realization that you are not dead. That you’re perfectly fine. You feel exhilarated as if having a second chance at life because you had actually accepted that you did actually die–especially if you let it take you through the process. If you go past that point by taking a couple more inhalations, it’s like the things described by people like Terence McKenna. I can only say it’s like having lucid dreams that seem more real than real. This is the real deal. The N,N DMT you get from this is the real deal. There’s no sense of inhaling smoke, no discomfort, no taste. After the minute or so of when you’re pulled deeply into the effects you come out of it as if nothing had happened very quickly. You smile. There’s no reason not to be very joyous and happy because you’re alive. Better than alive. You feel MORE alive. It depends how brave you are. Don’t do it too often.
    Once a month is too much. Four times per year should be more than enough. But DMT taken in this way, with such a simple and effective device such as this is an extraordinary experience for anyone seeking to purge themselves of dysfunctional thinking. Recently, I had a relationship end. It felt like a great loss. Hard to reconcile as I did not understand what I did to turn it into something that felt so horribly ugly and divested of unconditional love for which seemed to be what it had been based upon. This helps tremendously with things like that. Healing. Forgiveness. You see so much, feel so much. You are left, truly, a more loving person. People make mistakes and do hurtful and selfish things but when you go on a DMT trip you’re more aware. You want to be a more caring and loving person. More considerate and compassionate. Because it does dissolve ego. Ego causes all separation. Dissolving ego really does correct for this and that’s good for the whole world. For the future of the entire species. Possibly the whole universe, itself. Thank you. 11/10.

    DMT Cartridge & Battery .5mLDMT Cartridge & Battery .5mL

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