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  3. Christopher C. (verified owner)

    These mushrooms put me to outerspace when I ate 3.5g. I eat .5 every night before bed as my micro dose. I wake up every morning feeling like I just drank a cup of coffee. My micro dose schedule has changed my life around and with the potency of these, I will be able to keep microdosing for pretty damb long!!

    APE Penis Envy MushroomsAPE Penis Envy Mushrooms

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  6. James (verified owner)

    the lake of my mind, unbroken by oars, heaves placidly and soon sinks into an oily somnolence. Great service!

    Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms | Medusa ExtractsGolden Teachers Magic Mushrooms | Medusa Extracts

  7. Tommy (verified owner)

    REALLY STRONG! 7g be Carefull u can Loose ur mind, before 5g everything is WOW but after….reality become non sense and time doesnt exist anymore, u have to hold to the hope that it Will end soon! 😉

    Jedi MindFuckJedi MindFuck

  8. Matt Bourque (verified owner)

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  10. Matt Bourque (verified owner)

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