Blue Meanie Cubensis Mushrooms

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Buy Nupep’s Blue Meanie Cubensis Mushrooms Online in Canada

Blue Meanie Cubensis Mushrooms are a potent and original cubensis strain that is highly-yielding. This train is known to be beautiful, strong and wild and is really liked by the users. The users suggest that considering its features it is a must-have for any collection.



Blue Meanie Cubensis Mushrooms

Blue Meanies Mushrooms are well known to cover fit amounts of psilocin and psilocybin – life more psychedelic than Golden Teacher. In actual, the locals of Bali have a long past of using mushrooms for revels, creative terms, and holidays. Blue Meanies are to date very usually sold to tourists in Bali as they are careful to be moving as well. These mushrooms also cause graphics. Blue Meanie Cogenesis Mushrooms are a strong and unique cogenesis worry that is highly-yielding. This strain is known to be beautiful, strong, and rough and is really liked by the users. The users advise that as its features it is a must-have for any group.

Mushroom Dosage Guide

Microdosing (0.1G-0.7G):

A microdose is a safe dose, the dose that delivers the expected beneficial effects without leading to any of the more intense experiences. You can enjoy the good effects of magic mushrooms without getting into a trip.

The Mild Dose (0.8G-1.5G):

This dose is slightly higher than the microdose and offers mild effects as well. It enhances countenance, boosts concentration without inducing intense hallucination.

Moderate Dosage (1.6G-2.5G):

This forms a good amount for beginners who are just trying the substance for its trip effects. The dose is much stronger and it induces the onset of hallucinatory effects and other intense effects. Depending on the tolerance level of the user, the dosage effects may not be extreme.

The Psychedelic Dose (2.6G-3.5G):

At this dose, you will experience an intense psychedelic trip. The user will experience deep hallucinations and a distorted sense of time and space. This amount is ill-advisable for beginners and it is best applied when you are in the company of a trip sitter such as a friend or relative.

Strong Dose (3.6G-5G):

This does is not recommended for most users and hence it should be avoided at all costs. It is fit only for those who have become accustomed to psychedelic trips. The user will experience extremely powerful hallucinatory effects and lose a touch with reality. There is a high chance of having a bad trip from this dosage.

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28G, 14G, 7G, 3.5G

25 reviews for Blue Meanie Cubensis Mushrooms

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Luigi Viscosi (verified owner)

  3. MM (verified owner)

    Arrived fast! Merci beaucoup! Nupep is legit!

  4. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Thanks man 🙂 Peace & Love! #F*ckCovid19

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    These look amazing, can’t wait to try them. Shipped really fast too!!!

  6. Daniel D (verified owner)

    Potent, pleasant and euphoric. I really liked the Blue Meanie. Recommended even if it is more expensive. Merci Nupep!🤘

  7. pierre lévesque (verified owner)

    I try just less than a gramm and i got some nice wave good ptoduct i recommend it

  8. Matthew Gianiselli (verified owner)

    Awesome, I took 3 grams at 6 and was feeling great from 7pm ish till 2am ish I was pleasantly surprised and happy thanks

  9. Mikhael L. (verified owner)

    I took a small steam, after 20 minutes then I took a cap on this morning of 23 April. On the day I’ve got my ounce of blue meanie cubensis. This was after my morning coffee with no breakfast. I could feel it coming with not too much body pain. Witch I very enjoyed. Had a couple of brews with it and it was wonderful. I’ll be doing the same once a week. My body and mind are feeling better today. I haven’t check in the bag to much for surprise each other time my fingers will pick them up. I took about a gram and lasted for about three hours.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have not yet tried the blue meanies

  11. Dwayne (verified owner)

    I’m sure they’re fine. Haven’t tried yet. Great, prompt service!

  12. Jacob Ralston (verified owner)

    Very strong lasted like almost 10 hours. 2g just chewed up very potent!

  13. Lindsey M. (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZING!!! Don’t miss out on these fantastic Mushrooms. They definitely put the MEAN in blue meanie lol. I honestly can’t wait to get more.

  14. Pierce (verified owner)

    Had a wonderful trip, plenty of patterns

  15. M. Bevan

    It’s such a great purchase because it allows me to still be aware of my surroundings but a lot happier and more energized than I typically am. I’ve had it 3 times now and every time it gives me the same great effect. It honestly doesn’t taste that bad, I usually eat it with a fruit and all I taste is the fruit. I keep buying it because it makes me feel great and I’ve never tripped out on it before and it doesn’t make me overthink like others have in the past.

  16. Trevor R

    The Blue Meanies experience was filled with everything. It began with a powerful anxiety as I unpacked them. Gross! I loved it! Split a half quarter with my girlfriend. They were so dark and dirty. They tasted as horrible as you imagine sweaty gym socks might. The mushrooms hit fast and hard. Very uplifting and positive. No visuals for us, even though we were hoping. Definitely a fun time. This is the way.

  17. Charly. E

    Blue Meanies are nice and strong. I felt they’re the perfect strength for me as I only take them on rare occasions. I will be ordering the Blue Meanies when I want to have my next journey.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I shared half of the 3.5 with my wife, and I liked the dosage. Wasn’t enough to see visuals or overall have a psychedelic trip. It’s was mostly a relaxing feel, some euphoria. When get shopping again I’ll be sure to get a little more

  21. Loralie A. (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Split it with my wife, we had a wonderful time.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Rick C. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and discreet.

  25. Maxime (verified owner)

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