Mota THC Sour Squares (200mg THC)

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$20.00 $15.00

A superb, easy to dose option for treating insomnia, pain, and to relieve stress and anxiety.

Each bag contains 300mg THC in the whole package.

  • 300mg THC per bag
  • 15 pieces per bag
  • 20mg THC per piece

1 review for Mota THC Sour Squares (200mg THC)

  1. Petr Z. (verified owner)

    Flavor and texture was really good. Theses were probably some of the tastiest and best textured gummies I have had other than the nerds rope. Only downside is that they are really weak. Definitely less than 15 mg per square because I usually do gummies maybe once a month and I smoke weed maybe once every two weeks which makes my tolerance really low. When I take 30mg of gummies I usually get really high for long. I took 3 of theses (45mg) and barely felt any high. I felt like I had taken 10mg. Overall really great gummies but I feel like I got a really weak batch

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