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Nupep Shrooms Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms originate from the highlands of Ecuador and feature thick stems.  The experience of these magic mushrooms can differ from person to person as this happens with all magic mushrooms. Reports have shown that these Ecuadorian magic mushrooms provide a delighted and relaxed state of mind. The initial effects of this strain are known to be exceptional. It provides its users with a clean and spiritual experience.




Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms were first found at 1100+ m altitudes in the Andean region of Ecuador. The Ecuadorian is a strong and hard-hitting mushroom due to its rough originating region and environment. That Ecuadorian magic mushroom features a long, thick and meaty stem along with large caramel caps. Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures have used this ancient mushrooms for many years to induce consciousness for religious ceremonies and healing purposes. And these mushrooms are till date being used by local healers in ritual and religious ceremonies.

Ecuadorian magic mushrooms

After around 10-30 minutes of consuming these Ecuadorian magic mushrooms, you will feel your mood elevated along with feeling happy and excited. So you will also experience a range of visual enhancements ranging from mild to intense depending on your dosage. Because might feel that your surroundings are breathing and nature is more alive. You will experience yourself being in a self-examining state. Music and art will look and feel different – more mesmerizing.  The common dose of these Ecuadorian magic mushrooms is 0.5-1.5g and the moderate dose is 2-3.5g.

Mushroom Dosage Guide

Microdosing (0.1G-0.7G):

A microdose is a safe dose, the dose that delivers the expected beneficial effects without leading to any of the more intense experiences. You can enjoy the good effects of magic mushrooms without getting into a trip.

The Mild Dose (0.8G-1.5G):

This dose is slightly higher than the microdose and offers mild effects as well. It enhances countenance, boosts concentration without inducing intense hallucination.

Moderate Dosage (1.6G-2.5G):

This forms a good amount for beginners who are just trying the substance for its trip effects. The dose is much stronger and it induces the onset of hallucinatory effects and other intense effects. Depending on the tolerance level of the user, the dosage effects may not be extreme.

The Psychedelic Dose (2.6G-3.5G):

At this dose, you will experience an intense psychedelic trip. The user will experience deep hallucinations and a distorted sense of time and space. This amount is ill-advisable for beginners and it is best applied when you are in the company of a trip sitter such as a friend or relative.

Strong Dose (3.6G-5G):

This does is not recommended for most users and hence it should be avoided at all costs. It is fit only for those who have become accustomed to psychedelic trips. The user will experience extremely powerful hallucinatory effects and lose a touch with reality. There is a high chance of having a bad trip from this dosage.

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4 reviews for NEW Tri Colour Ecuadorian

  1. Harsahil Singh

    For the love of Nupepshrooms. Their new batch of tri colour. Insanely the best I ever tripped on Shroom. I can’t put it words but I’ll try. Never had I felt like this before with just shrooms. Totally giggles galore, super intense euphoria, the visual and auditory is beyond any technology that could compare. Im so in love with this feeling. Don’t ever stop stocking this strain. Thank you very much Nupep shrooms.

  2. Gordon

    I took 5g of these on New Year’s Night and they hit me like a train and then drove me to the space station to then blast me into a fractural dimension. I’ve never been that f***ed up. 10/10 would do again.

  3. A Pickett

    An absolutely beautiful trip. Quick to kick in, very little tummy issues. 2.5G and my partner and I melted into each other. The best.. Will buy again!!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

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