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  1. Delilah R

    Works well for my anxiety and depression. The symptoms are milder and I feel more at peace with myself.

    Anxiety/Stress Blend Microdose CapsulesAnxiety/Stress Blend Microdose Capsules

  2. Brandon V.

    Wow! You guys keep doing what you are doing. Amazing experience! Great website too. Thank you Nupep!!

    Blue Psilocybe Cubenis Mexicana MushroomsBlue Psilocybe Cubenis Mexicana Mushrooms

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    Thank you so much ! Really amazing .

    Easy to use .

    Nupepshrooms is the New King !

    Best customers .
    Great communication .
    Amazing quality

    Moroccan Mint Tea | 1000MGMoroccan Mint Tea | 1000MG

  4. Alexander Asheshov Oliva (verified owner)

    What an AMAZING product! The high is mind bending, with such relaxing feeling (and lots of giggles!), that is beyond belief. I could also see fractal patterns while meditating and on many surfaces, and rainbow esque sights, especially on walls and floors.
    But the greatest thing of all is that I let my ego take a hike, and the sensation of peace and calmness is everlasting, long after I consumed these great beauties.
    This is real medicine, unlike the garbage that big pharma sells, just for a temporary patch.
    And last, but not least, a great service and customer care all round.
    Thank you!

    Psilocybe Cubensis: Golden Teacher AAAA+ MushroomsPsilocybe Cubensis: Golden Teacher AAAA+ Mushrooms

  5. Antony

    Did seem to have a focused effect. Energy was okay. Enjoyed them

    Energy Blend Microdose CapsulesEnergy Blend Microdose Capsules

  6. Garry

    Changed my mood, will have a returning customer

    Anxiety/Stress Blend Microdose CapsulesAnxiety/Stress Blend Microdose Capsules

  7. Mark Brown

    Gave me extra capsules! Thank you

    Anxiety/Stress Blend Microdose CapsulesAnxiety/Stress Blend Microdose Capsules

  8. Kevin

    Replaced my normal nootropics and tried these out. Did not disappoint.

    Super Genius Blend Microdose CapsulesSuper Genius Blend Microdose Capsules

  9. Jamie Mateo

  10. Preston Fullerton

    Great for getting through long work days

    Microdose 100MG W/ Ginger Root ExtractMicrodose 100MG W/ Ginger Root Extract

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