What is the most potent strain?

Many people in the world live in fairly cultured environments that are conducive to the natural growth of a distinct species of mushrooms called magic mushrooms. True, you can class mushrooms into two classes: edible and inedible. The inedible class comprises poisonous species of mushrooms. This poisonous class forms the majority of the total mushroom population in the world. Magic mushrooms form a cogent part of the rare edible group of mushrooms.

These mushrooms are rightly called magic mushrooms because they perform such magic when consumed. What distinguishes them from other types of mushrooms is the presence of a psychoactive element known as psilocybin. This substance is known to induce intense and exhilarating psychedelic effects on the minds of its users.

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The overall period and effect of the magic mushrooms on the user is known as a shroom trip. During this trip, the user will experience a range of effects that vary broadly depending on certain recognized factors such as dosage, body weight, manner of use, etc. Based on dosage, a user might experience mild psychedelic effects on a microdose or a low dose while the more intense hallucinatory effects are experienced at higher doses. Based on body weight, it is believed that the higher the body weight the more the quantity of shrooms to be used to enjoy the desired effects.

However, these are not the only viable tests for the potency of any batch of magic mushrooms. This will bring us a bit deeper into the world of magic mushrooms as we will be looking at the three strains of magic mushrooms that are considered to be the most potent. By potency, we mean the ones that are most effective at minute doses. Read on.

Mexican Dutch king

This homely magic mushroom makes the list of the most potent magic mushrooms. Also known as Psilocybe cubensis, it originates from Mexico but it was majorly cultivated in the Netherlands. Users across the world have attested to the frightening potency of this shroom. You only need to take as little as 1 gram of its dried weight to kickstart a most thrilling psychedelic trip. It spirals into a mind-blowing experience for users due to its high psilocybin content. If you want to get the best out of your shroom experience, buy a batch of the Mexican dutch king from Nupep’s online shrooms dispensary.

Amazonian cubensis

Next on the list is the Amazonian cubensis. They are a shrewd strain of magic mushrooms popularly revered by shroom groomers for their speedy growth rate. That’s not all, users from different circles of life have testified to the immense potency of this strain of shrooms. It is considered ideal for initiating an exhilarating psychedelic trip such that you will never forget.

Penis Envy

This strain of magic mushrooms is rated five stars popularly among experienced users of magic mushrooms. It is reputed for stimulating an intense shroom trip even at lower doses. It boosts awareness and enhances cognitive function.

All three strains are quite effective and different people have found favorites among these. They are best enjoyed in different forms such as shroom edibles e.g. chocolate bars, gummies, etc. These contain a microdose of these strains in safe amounts. To obtain a specific strain of potent magic mushrooms, you can buy your shrooms in Canada from Nupep shrooms.

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